Bloodloch, the Sanguine Fist


Nestled deep within the Vashnar Mountains, it is a city rooted inexorably in blood. The ancestral city of the Consanguine, it was founded by Emperor Abhorash Nehekhara, and today stands as the stronghold of those who uphold the ways of Strength as well as unyielding will to promote that amongst all its citizens, living or undead.

Brutally efficient and utterly free of the pathetic weaknesses of nature and light, Bloodloch is home to the Teradrim, Carnifex, and Consanguinic Dominion. It is a city that prides Strength in all its forms, and gives no quarter to those who stand against it.

Warded by the vast Mhojave Desert to the west, and by the bleak Shamtota Hills to the east, Bloodloch stands center within Sapience, a still, unbeating heart that extends its power far across the realm. Its warriors are among the fiercest, its will is by far the strongest, and its wrath as unquenchable as the seething volcano the city is built around.

City Information



They were founded by Abhorash Nehekhara in the year 53 MA.
They are aligned with Tyranny and all its aims.
The Carnifex are their brutal vanguard in war.
The Consanguine of the Imperial Dominion write law in blood and magic.
The Teradrim Warband keep the faith of undeath.
They are home to the Nocturns.


They were the homeland of the ancient Hlugna.
The Dark Empire of old claimed their tunnels, driving the Hlugna into exile.
They re-anchored Earth to the Prime and discovered the Apocalyptia.
They brought Ati, the Shadow to heel in a great ritual.
Their armies held the front line for months during the Second War of Night.
They lent their aid to Chakrasul in felling Shadow General Sanaz.
They were betrayed by Nega-Iosyne and subsequently sentenced Her to die.
The village of Helba was liberated by their efficient tactics.

Divine Advisory

Abhorash, the Hegemonist
Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption

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