Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption

Throughout the epochs, the Goddess of Corruption has stalked the lands, preying on and drawing in those easily swayed by dreams of power and greatness, those who eagerly accept the darkest corners of their souls. She has engendered some of the tragedies of the ages, tainted the greatest of sages, warriors, and defenders of the light. Not even the Grand Artifice could erase the fear stirred by Her deeds.

Within every mortal exists a penchant of selfish focus, a fertile soil in which the seeds of Corruption may take root. Also known as the "Dark Lady" or simply the Kalsu "Esityi", Chakrasul bestows the Gifts of Corruption upon those who embrace Her: Fear, Despair, Malice, Avarice, and the glorious depths of Might. Those seeking to walk Her path will find Her Gifts through relinquishing their inhibitions and surrendering to their vices.

Her throne can be found upon on Her Isle of Despair, Tiyen Indoron, and that is where She holds audience so Her Chosen may pay their respects. Her sacred symbol is the funereal duskywing butterfly, and jade and onyx often colour creations and tributes in Her name.

Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption

General Information

Her essence was created by Varian in the first epoch.
Her mortal shell is Alkonost, beloved of Tobias.
She is aligned with Shadow.
Her High Priestess is Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral.


She compelled the presence of the Pit of Xa'azmit to consume Shadow-General Sanaz.
She allowed Her Chosen to wield Her jade fire against the Shadow.
She betrayed Idar Karif and laid claim to his castle.
She moulded the Slyphian Grotto into the Spiral of the Corrupt.
She freed the trapped souls within the Isle of Despair.
She created the Nazetu to act as Her agents of corruption.
She created the Djeirani people to rival the Ankyrean.
She cursed Ulgar, who would become the first Troll.
She created the race of Orcs.
She created the race of Ogres.


She is an Immortal, and Her eyes make it eminently clear that it is so; with no typical iris, pupil or whites, there is nothing to detract from the gem-toned green light that emanates from within. She is gently illuminated by their lustrous glow, the viridescent hue accentuating the sharp lines and curves of Her facial features. Twined up into a slim headband, a single braid serves to draw Her lush onyx tresses back from Her face. The curtain of smooth, atramentous locks flow beyond wings and shoulders, ending a luxuriant cloud past Her waist. Living duskywing butterflies are pinned intermittently across the headband, the fluttering of their helpless wings drawing attention to their plight and framing Her features. Rising high above Her slender, pale body are feathered wings of glossy onyx, arcing gracefully away from the muscles of Her upper back. Elegant hands are tipped with long, slender nails of glossy onyx, each sharpened to a perfect point.

(crowning Her head) : the Circlet of Corruption
(draped from the shoulders) : an armoured gown of rippling sanguineous shades
(snugly belted beneath the bust) : a blood-red sash of sinuous kagamine filigree
(clinging from toes to thighs) : thigh-high boots of blooded suede

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