Euthymius, the Heart of Sapience

Born anew from the raised spirits of Sapience, the virtue of Morale assumes many titles - the Caretaker, the Uplifter, the Heart of Sapience. In the cosmic dance of energies, Morale is a harmonious melody that resonates through individuals and communities alike. It is the wellspring of courage that turns challenges into triumphs and adversity into opportunities for growth. At its core, Morale stands as a testament to the resilience of the mortal spirit and the boundless potential for those opportunities.

To follow Morale, to heed Their call, is to pledge one's life to lifting, raising, and bolstering the spirits of others. The Chosen of Morale serves as a guiding light for those who have spiralled too deeply, lost in the misery and mire, offering a path back to the uplifting embrace of shared optimism and encouragement.

Notably, Morale is not war-adverse. Instead, it sees war as another stage, another facet of the collective journey. Morale is the rhythmic beat of war drums, the unwavering standard bearer in the heat of conflict, and the comforting letters from home that inspire courage in the face of battle. It embraces the challenges of war as opportunities for the indomitable spirit to shine forth, weaving tales of valour and resilience into the grand tapestry of existence.

euthymius main profile

General Information

They were born in the new era through the will of Sapience.
They embody the long-forgotten Virtue of Morale.
They have no mortal shell.
They wander as They see fit.


They cast away the despair felt by Sapience.


They are an Immortal, conceived from the combined spirit of Sapience to form a singular entity. They are neither bound by flesh nor the fleeting breaths of time; instead, They are a nebula of energy so concentrated you can see it before your eyes. Their countenance bears no eyes, for the God possesses no face. Instead, a carved wooden mask with two holes for eyes approximates where a face might be, hovering in place. Around their spectral silhouette sits a cloak of green, resting just under the mask and reaching towards the ground where it drags along to follow where the God takes Themself.

 (Placed where a head might be) : a wood-carved mask
(Worn where the shoulders would be) : a green cloak

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