Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker

Tanixalthas is the Sapience God of Air, Who came into Her power after devouring the heart and essence of the former God of Air, Maghak. She is known by many names and titles, including the Sun-Drinker, She Who Hungers, the Star of Midwinter, and Sky Dreaming.

Tanixalthas is the first and eldest of the great Dragons that owned the world before the Ankyreans, Dreikathi and mortalkind flourished. She had slept for millennia beneath the Cradle of Fire after the shattering of the planes that stripped away the magical flux that the eldest dragons fed on.

Never cautious, She is not afraid when faced with a challenge, instead tackling any adversity unassisted and with a brutal violence that is worthy of Her name. Although She is often impetuous, rarely having a plan of action when making Her decisions, Tanixalthas is obligated to fulfill the promises She makes. Her word is Her bond.

Tanixalthas dominates the sky and the storm, wielding the element of air as a weapon instead of Its essence using Her as a shell.

Her symbol is a cracked wyrm tooth.

Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker

General Information

Her shell has never been mortal.
She achieved Her current form before time was counted.
She is aligned with Dragonkind.
Her High Priestess is Rahlyeh, the Lucid Dreamer.
She has no Consort.
Her lair is located on the Isle of Asper.
Her power is beyond mortal measure.


She is known as the Heart of Winter.
She has devoured thousands of Her own progeny.
She has broken the heart of Mountain Sleeping.
She is one of the First and known as Dragon Pride.
She has successfully solved her puzzle cube.
She triumphed over Shadow General Murgraxis in the Battle for Saluria.


She is an Immortal of ancient heritage, an immense mass of blue-black scales, dark hide, and terrible malignance wreathed in the impetuous fury of sky and storm. Armoured with natural plating, Her craggy form easily dwarfing most settlements, Her serpentine bulk supported by four powerful limbs bedecked with vicious claws capable of rending flesh or stone with equal terrifying ease. Ablaze beneath a raking crest of black bone rearing up from Her brow, four silver eyes burn with the unfathomable intensity of Dragon-made-Divinity, a glint of primordial wisdom transcending time or tedium with the quartet's implacable glare. Her wings shadow acres beneath their enormous span, gelid hoarfrost dusting the scythe-claw tips of each colossal pinion in a patina of frozen rime. Great spikes burst from Her spine, lining Her arched back and long tail with wicked points while a mass of blue-white fire smoulders in the heart of the Dragon God's chest, snaking tendrils of Air forming a frigid penumbra about Her body. Though monstrously proportioned in size and stature, the Sun Drinker's presence nonetheless exhibits a profound beauty, Her massive form glittering with all the majestic brilliance of the midwinter sky in myriad shades of black and blue and shimmering white.

(gilding Her form) : a mantle of eerie, blue-green fire

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