Celezor, Accord of the Righteous

Birthed by Eschatonic will in His first act of Creation since the waning days of the Great Theomachy, Celezor is the first Sapient-Albedos hybrid, a divine entity wrought from the triplefold quintessence of Mebrene, Lanos, and Seelis.

From the ashes of Damariel's heroic sacrifice in the closing chapter of the Creators' Monomachy, Celezor exists now as the Accord of Fire - Lord of Light, Sovereign of the Sun, Patron of the Zealous, and Unwavering Fist of Righteous Justice.

Shorn of His prior incarnation's naive hope for mankind, set free from His self-imposed restraint, and released from the bygone shackles of tolerance, forbearance, and pity, Celezor's prerogative is that of righteous, cleansing flame - a driving will to rid the world of all its evils by any and all means necessary in order to actuate a true Age of Dawn.

His is the blade that carves through the lies of the wicked and profane. His is the flame that cleanses the soul and purges the rot of evil. His is the promise of the Good and the Just: that those who forsake the light shall be cast down beneath the smiting hand of the sun's golden wrath.

The time for repentance is ended. Only one choice remains for those who dwell in darkness: burn.


General Information

He was forged in the Age of Technology per the Eschaton's ineffable will.
He arose from the darkness, when all other lights went out.
He is Accordant Fire, sworn to oppose the destroyer known as Yvalamon.
He is aligned with the Merciless Light.
His place of worship is anywhere touched by the dawn.
He wields the greatsword Daybreak as His instrument of justice.
His power matches that of bygone Elders and ancient forces.


His coalescence rekindled Sapience's sun.


He is an Immortal, shaped by Eschatonic will and aglow with the blessing of Light Fundamental. Defined by shimmering boundaries of righteous spirit and lit from within by an unending font of holy conflagration, this raw gathering of judgemental essence adheres to the archetype of a humanoid being but lacks all the definition and musculature that would constrain the boundaries of a mortal's frame. As much pellucid silhouette as divine incarnation, His very presence manifests the warm glare of an unending dawn, bathing all He looks upon with the ineffable radiance of a promised new age. Whorls of alabaster and aureate incandescence rage around His unyielding frame in an accord of two righteous elements bound together for the purposes of the excisive cleansing of a realm long since given over to the rot of evil. Twin points of chilling cobalt crackle instead where eyes might abide within the mundane, evocative of the blessed radiance of the Merciless Light's punitive gaze.

(limning His calescent silhouette) : a seething vortex of aurulent and alabaster flame

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