Ivoln, the Earthen Lord (Departed)


This is the way of Ivoln, the Earthen Lord, who resides now in solitude away from the view of mortals and immortals alike. It was He that created and perfected the way of Undeath, granting those who embraced its purity freedom from sickness, age and the fickle Cycle that other mortals are shackled to. It was He that conquered the Earthen and bound the Sorcerer-Kings, reigning over Azvosh Rakar as Dominar and Warmaster. It was He that rent the land in two, creating a bottomless grave to swallow whole the corpse of the great god-killer: the Kerrithrim.

As the Creators' Monomachy edged on finality, the Eschaton saw to releasing each of the Albedi Pantheon from Their Sapient-Divine-made prisons, reserving only accursed Ilimos and sundered Aechros to remain sealed within. Balgraug, true to His epithet, immediately began devouring the pillars that just moments before held His mind imprisoned; these same pillars that ensured the plane of Earth did not come cataclysmically crashing into the Prime Material Plane.

It is He that now singly holds the plane of Earth aloft, ensuring Aetolia does not meet this damned fate. It is by His sacrifice and continued efforts that those who yet remain do so without the constant threat of planar collision. His legacy is writ in every breath the world takes, and in every Undead that seeks to bring about His unending glory to the masses.

Ivoln, the Earthen Lord

General Information

His essence was created by Varian in the first epoch.
His mortal shell is Haafnak, an ancient Hlugna.
His temple is located in the Mhojave Desert.
He is aligned with Shadow.
His High Priest is Orvast, Blade of the Throne.
He has no consort.
His power is beyond mortal measure.

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The undead call Him Father, for it is His essence that tethers them to this realm, granting those that would embrace the Lord of Earth the gift of eternity - freedom from sickness, age, and the fickle confines of the ever-turning Cycle. Although any may pursue His gift of immortality, those that follow Him closely often find themselves repaying Him for His generosity in tokens of flesh and bone.

His followers pursue a purity rivaled only by the earth, eschewing dependence upon that which lives and is beholden to the Cycle in favor of materials oft found within His realm. They take on the qualities of the rock, the unhewn ore, or the bleached bone, finding the cleansing of life both symbolic and pragmatic alike in its freedom from physical and metaphysical mortal limitation.

His most fervent seek to bring about an existence purged entirely of life, those who preserve it, and its associated hindrances, leaving only themselves and their God to rule over what remains after their goal is achieved.

His symbols include an egg of marble, creations of bone, and an Earthen wyrm.


He rules over the Earthen of Azvosh Rakar as Dominar and Warmaster.
He hurled Niuri, the Ultraist into the Source of Knowledge.
He has presided as a guest judge of the Iron Epicurean.
He has been divorced once.
He crushed the core of Shadow General Diyomexas in a fatal blow.


He is an Immortal of broad, stocky stature. His frame is built thick, closest resembling the Hlugna of old in spite of His immense height. The muscles which cord His frame underlies skin of stone, dark weathered slate and impossibly smooth to the touch. No hair crowns Him, although a magnificent beard frames His jaw, terminating in several separate braided sections which end in clasps fashioned from bone. His eyes are deep-set and eerie, bereft of iris and pupil - all they are is pale ivory sclerae, giving no indication as to where the God's attention might fall at any given moment.

(the bones resting upon His chest) : a macabre necklace of bones
(embedded into His skin) : a desiccated medal of the Duiran campaign
(wrapped around His waist) : a wrapping sand-hued loincloth

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