Abhorash, the Hegemonist

At the conclusion of the second War of Night, the Malevolent Goddess fell at the hands of the Warlord, Her Being scattered to the four winds. With Iosyne's essence too damaged to take form for centuries yet, the Progenitor of the Consanguine elected to subsume the former Goddess; eschewing the traditional role of mortal shell, Abhorash's immense power instead devoured the Divine essence, His unmovable will binding the Virtue to His command. Thus did the vampire ascend to join the Pantheon in year 505 of the Midnight Age.

Taking on the mantle of Hegemonist, Abhorash casts a shadow of domination, seeking to annex all under His iron fist. The Progenitor God recognises only strength and the authority it grants; neither quarter nor mercy are found in His purview, whether for foes or followers, and His hegemony enforces utter subjugation upon His conquests.

Such domination is achieved through strategy, drawing upon the realm once held by Iosyne in ages long forgotten: direction, plans, and preparations are painstakingly crafted to leave no doubt in the pursuit of absolute and crushing victory, for nothing less is acceptable to Him.

Blood is His legacy, its sanguine vitality the catalyst for His own indomitable strength and ascension. Though Abhorash retains many of the vampiric traits of His heritage, His evolution, capped by His Divinity, has transformed Him into something wholly alien from the Consanguine birthed from the Dark Mother's rituals. His followers, whether vampiric, Undead, or living, strive to unlock the unlimited potential within the blood. Indeed, those who manage to earn His favour - no small feat - may be offered a taste of His Gift to stand as His progeny, bespoke weapons fit to march alongside the domineering God.

While Abhorash's roots run deepest within Bloodloch, His following remains open to any with the strength to seize the dominance that He champions. The God welcomes any able to hone - or, indeed, challenge - the strength of the Empire He founded.

Abhorash, the Hegemonist

General Information

He was 470 years old when He ascended to Divinity in 505 MA.
He is aligned with strength and domination.
He is the Founder of Bloodloch.
His temple is Bloodloch and all its vassal states.
His power is beyond mortal measure.


He consumed the damaged essence of Iosyne to ascend to Godhood.
He oversaw the rise of the Thronekeepers in Bloodloch.
He empowered the Dominion with his bloodstone to combat nightmarish dregs.
He released the Dominion.
He was the only chosen of Belladona.
He is the progenitor of the Consanguine after Belladona's demise.
He survived an assassination attempt by the Gaes cult.
He drank of Ati, the Shadow and ended its reign of terror.


He is an Immortal and stands at a moderate height, pale as snow and with a slender, powerful frame. His thin fingers end in long, vicious claws, and deadly fangs curl over His lips, which are generally given to a derisive sneer. His face seems as if it has been carved from marble - high cheekbones, a powerful jawline, and a long nose define His visage, and beneath His tall brow His glacier blue eyes glow with the intensity of Divine essence. His blonde hair, cropped short, has been swept back from his face and parted at the middle. A cloud of dark shrouds the Hegemonist, creeping hungrily outwards to consume the light of His surroundings.

(dashingly cinched at the throat) : a stygian silk cravat
(a pall of utter blackness) : an enveloping cape of ravenous shadows
(trimly fitted and elegant) : an umbral patterned waistcoat of vivid claret
(a handsome fall of linen) : a finely tailored dress shirt of cold-black linen
(creaseless and dapper) : classically fit trousers of unbroken ebon
(worn on the feet) : polished wingtip shoes

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