The Ascendril of Aetolia

In the beginning, Varian the Celestine asked nothingness a question, and the words of His question were existence itself. Ever since, the people of Sapience have sought answers. Some use philosophy - others use science - and the pious look to the Gods Themselves. Many pose questions, but it is precious few who consider the process of questioning itself.

It is the Ascendril Order alone which devotes itself to this process, hailing from a centuries-long tradition of magic dating from the Ankyrean-age Naldareth, refined by the Magi of old, and continuing into the present day. Rather than employing theology and abstract philsophy as the basis for their thinking, the Ascendril view the world in terms of the process of questioning; answers require deliberation, action, and material transformation.

Central to the question of the universe is the element of Spirit - the driving force of all living creatures. Recognizing that the element of Shadow is a threat to Spirit itself, the Order concerns itself with halting the spread of Shadow, thus opposing the undead, vampires, and particularly their mage nemeses, the Sciomancers. On the question of the Darkness' continued existence, the Ascendril Order answers as one: No.

In pursuit of this aim, the Ascendril wield three skillsets: Elemancy, the art of channeling the power of the planes of Fire, Spirit, Water, and Air; Thaumaturgy, the use of a fulcrum of power; and Arcanism, the manipulation of ambient elements. Employing these skills together, the Order is a powerful force, whether at work upon science or opposing the Light's many foes.


Ascendril Skills


Elemancy is the art of manipulating Spirit, Fire, and Water, drawing modicums from the elemental planes and shaping them in order to achieve magical results. In its more basic forms, the Ascendril employ the art to cast rays of light, summon wards of water, and ward off harm with a fiery veil; the trained Elemancer, however, wields a bevy of elemental brands, venomous frostspikes, and the dreaded firewhirl, an uncontrollable tornado of seething fire.


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Roleplaying an Ascendril

The Ascendril are mages trained in the use of the powerful yet arcane element of Spirit. Their channeling of the elements renewed the balance of water, fire, and air within the Prime Material Plane after Severn anchored more shadow within it.

What is spirit?

Spirit originates from Rewh'va, the Plane of Spirit, and is the element of order, progress, and life itself. Though powerful, it is a delicate, difficult element to master, and its misuse can cause profound complications in otherwise healthy living forms. Access to the Plane of Spirit has thus far not been attained by mortals beyond the formation of elemental channels, and its guardian deity is Damariel mot Lanosaryon, the Unbound.

How you access the elements:

- Direct channel to Spirit, Fire, Water, and Air
- Fulcrum manipulation
- Ambient elemental manipulation
- Focus embedded within a staff, sceptre, or dagger

Ascendril are defined by their mastery of the element of spirit, manipulating it directly and with a more mathematical precision than many of their compatriots in the Light. Through their training, they attain the use of the fulcrum - a device formed from the element of spirit which serves to grant them greater control over their elemental magic.

Visual style of the class:

Continual use of spirit produces vital, healthy bodies and even the formation of visible auras, particularly following ascension. They employ gestural, expressive movements to gather ambient elemental force and to lend further precision to their fulcrum-based efforts, drawing inspiration from the movement of fire and water in the natural world.

Side effects of the class skills:

Owing to a disproportionate focus on the dynamic elements of air, fire, and water, Ascendril tend to hold excess amounts of them in their frames. The typical side effects of this state can range from those less versed in Elemancy enduring sometimes catastrophic escape of magical energy into the environment around them to those more practiced having to employ more restraint to control their abilities when emotions run deep. In addition, channeling the elements can have some impact on the practitioner's state of mind - water inducing calm, fire fueling passion, air creating a sense of restlessness, and spirit inducing a lingering sense of euphoria.

Roleplaying the class:

Ascendril are the sages and scholars of the Light, set apart by a scientific, rote approach to elemental forces. The Ascendril do not dismiss faith entirely, but it receives a secondary focus by comparison to many other servants of the Light. While some Ascendril can be easily distracted by the forces they harness, particularly when it comes to mundane subjects, others may be overly focused on their pursuits - be they scholarly or adventurous.

Efreeti lore:

An efreeti is an elemental from the Plane of Fire that has inhabited the corpse of a mortal that stumbled into the dangerous plane, forming a half-humanoid, half-fire creature of low intelligence. When customizing your efreet, they should reflect this nature, and the corpse should be from one of the races native to Sapience (this does not have to be a playable Sapience race). The bottom half of the body should be purely fire, creating a fiery genie look.


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