20.11.70 Valley of Kalebb

Across the northern landscape runs the Mountains of Tarea, splitting the
tundra and Mamashi grasslands apart in a great wall of stone. Accessible
by the Pass of Eurik, the only breach in this natural wall, is the      
Valley of Kalebb, a place forbidden to the stronger people of Aetolia   
but a refuge for young explorers.                                       

The Valley of Kalebb has been known to travelers for centuries and was  
often used as a waypoint for those heading north into the vast tundra.  
In recent times, however, the Valley has supported a small settlement of
people intent on keeping watch for signs of the prophecies of Kalebb, an
Ankyrean astrologer from the Alizarin Order. To this purpose, a tall    
watchtower was constructed high in the mountains allowing a clear view  
of the surrounding land. The prophecies tell of a great terror          
descending from the north, and it is this event that the people of the  
Valley await and prepare for.                                           

The residents subsist on what little they can trap or grow, and         
supplement their needs with profits from a small winery, the products of
which are eagerly snatched up by more southern communities. Many people 
live in the Valley only transiently, coming from other parts of the     
world out of curiosity or a need to feel purposeful. Of those who stay  
permanently, most are without family or other ties that would draw them 
elsewhere. These people form the heart of the settlement, a close-knit  
community intent on each other's well-being and on the goal of          
witnessing the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.