20.11.157 Xaanhal Settlement

Many years ago, a group of Xorani from the Mhojave village of Xoral broke away from their clan. Led by Krisiina, the heir and grand-niece of the Matron Thorasa, they lobbied for the village to rise up and strike back at those who repeatedly attacked the peaceful land, but the methods they favored were so gruesome and ruthless that they could not garner support.

Shunned by Thorasa and ordered to never return, they travelled for many years. They settled in Raim Vale not long after leaving Xoral, and Krisiina and Midolo formed a deep friendship. The Xoranis' loathing of what was done to the people of Raim Vale remains strong despite the distance of time; as unforgiving of harms done to their allies as to their own, their hatred of Enorian is deep-seated and inexorable, and they would love little more than to see that city destroyed.

After about a decade, the group moved on, learning and studying magic from numerous sources. Rumors abound of the places this group traveled from this point, but few details are known for certain.

What is known is that in the year 334 they finally settled in the Shamtota hills. Still under the leadership of Krisiina, now revered as the High Mage, they worked a great feat of magic, carving the Xaanhal tunnels out of the very stone. Here, the Xorani reside, now powerful warriors that will let no harm befall their families.

Seeking still further protection from the invasive world, Krisiina and three of her most loyal friends worked a great spell over the caverns. Only she knows the details of it, for only she survived it; her companions did not survive its casting, their very souls consumed by the unnatural forces of power that they sought to shape. The spell, however, was unflinchingly effective; the lower caverns lie under a seal of protection. Only the true citizens can reach the actual citizens that reside below; all others face only shades, soulless mimicries that they may attack as they please, for no true harm can be done to the vulnerable innocents.