20.7.3 Citadel of Ciem

Situated within the mountains that border the village of Saluria, the   
militant settlement of Ciem takes up arms against those who would       
attempt to infiltrate the Festering Wastes they guard. The mindless     
undead slaves of the wastelands were made to build these sturdy         
battlements as a military force to repel intruders. One can enter the   
decaying canyons through the Citadel, which had been built from the     
ground up by the brain-dead and then artistically polished off by the   
more articulate residents of the settlement.                            

Patrolled daily by the hired guards, knights and other agents of the    
undead, passing through the Citadel's sacred grounds has never been an  
easy task and successfully raiding it nigh impossible.                  

Note: Whilst the raid in Ciem is active (which you can see with CIEM    
STATUS) anyone within the area is considered open to attack.