23.3.1 Antiquated Artifacts

Antiquated artifacts are old artifacts once utilized by the Ankyrean Order and rediscovered in recent times. Unlike the modern artifacts Qeddwyn makes, antiquated artifacts contain levels of power beyond the standard artifacts, using techniques now lost to time. 

Antiquated artifact salvage may be sometimes made available as part of a promotion. This salvage can be taken to Qeddwyn in Esterport, who will either work the salvage into an antiquated artifact, or will upgrade the level of an existing antiquated artifact you own. 

This will turn a piece of artifact salvage into the specified antiquated artifact type (level 1). Only the person who the salvage bears the mark of can exchange it for an antiquated artifact.

Upgrades an antiquated artifact you already possess to the next level. You do not need to be the owner of the salvage to do this.

Available antiquated artifacts:
(crop)     - a riding crop of the dragoon
(gauntlet) - an ornate venantium-chased gauntlet
(ring)     - a venantium ring of camaraderie
(goggles)  - venantium, multi-lens goggles

These items are fully described in their respective helpfiles: HELP ANTIQUATED <item>