Antiquated Crop

The riding crop grants various mount-related powers. These powers will work for 
whatever mount you currently have out and active, and the crop must be in your inventory to work.

Antiquated artifact salvage may be sometimes made available as part of a promotion. This salvage can be taken to Qeddwyn in Esterport, who will either work the salvage into an antiquated artifact, or will upgrade the level of an existing antiquated artifact you own. 

This will turn a piece of artifact salvage into the specified antiquated artifact type (level 1). Only the person who the salvage bears the mark of can exchange it for an antiquated artifact.

Upgrades an antiquated artifact you already possess to the next level. You do not need to be the owner of the salvage to do this.

Level 1:
Your mount is immune to fearing abilities.

Level 2:
You can now ORDER <mount> <pre-defined emote>, or ORDER <mount> EMOTE <custom emote>.

Level 3:
If your mount is attacked when you're not in the room with it, it'll panic and roam out of the room, making it harder to kill. If you are online you'll be alerted that your mount is being attacked, but not by who.

Level 4:
Your mount will take 10% less damage from attacks.

Level 5:
Riding your mount gives you an extra +1 to your maximum moves per second.

Level 6:
Who said you shouldn't beat a dead horse? Your mount's corpse will go to your inventory if killed and you can revive your mount by pointing the crop at it. Only works once per Aetolian year so if the corpse decays while it's on cooldown you're out of luck!

Level 7:
Leaping over someone blocking an exit while on your mount will cause your mount to kick them to the ground as they pass by, dealing damage, stun and prone.

Level 8:
Your mount will take 30% less damage from attacks.

Level 9:
Your mount has a 15% chance to intercept NPC attacks upon you, blocking it. This can only proc once every 5 minutes.

Level 10:
Mounts equipped with saddlebags can now sell the goods they have in them! Use PRICE MOUNT <item> <price>, and people can ASK <mount> WARES/BUY <item> FROM <mount> like a normal NPC seller. 

Saddlebags are created by those with the Barding talent and allow your mount to hold 15 items. Items return to your inventory if mount dies. This does not support most of the features an actual shop has and is a simplistic one item at a time system. Things like kegs, shelves, price policies, cache, etc are non-existent. Items will also still decay.

Level 11:
You gain a new Horsemanship ability to have your mount track you to any outdoors player on same continent/plane instantly. Only works once per Howling. Does not bring any following players with you.

Level 12:
You'll now be told the name of the person attacking your mount, if you're online.

Level 13:
You can CRACK CROP to gain a monolith effect for 10 minutes. Only works once per Howling.

Level 14:
Track ability now works once per four hours.

Level 15:
If you are offline and your mount is attacked, it will flee to the stables.

Level 16:
Saddlebags can now hold 30 items.

Level 17:
Your mount's chance to intercept an attack is increased to 30% and has a 2 minute cooldown.

Level 18:
Track ability now works once per hour.

Level 19:
Your mount will take 50% less damage from attacks.

Level 20:
Saddlebags can now hold 50 items.