The Tsol'aa of Aetolia

Tsol'aa are lithe, pointy-eared, Human-like creatures with varying hues of brown skin, and eyes that range from dark brown, to hazel, and through green. Of the couple thousand that still live, most are situated within the Duiran Council, with a substantial minority living elsewhere or wandering the land.

The grand majority of the Tsol'aa race perished during the destruction of the Aalen forest by a Dreikathi weapon, which subsequently infected and killed not only the Tsol'aa living there, but other members of the race who attempted to assist their kin following the initial impact.

Their culture, as a result of this calamity, is now closed and isolated, emphasizing a reverence for nature and centralizing worship of the dead Goddess Lleis and Life itself.

Aetolia Race Tsol'aa

Tsol'aa Racial Skills

  • Meditator
  • Foraging (Level 31)
  • Lucidity (Level 61)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Intelligence: 11
  • Constitution: 13
  • Wisdom: 10

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Tips for Roleplaying a Tsol'aa

It is already established that most Tsol’aa, like the elves they are vaguely inspired from, hold a great reverence for nature. Because they are so humanoid otherwise and because there are no extant Tsol’aa villages (Dromse doesnt count, because Dromse only exists as a place to become Wereraven and has minimal development), it is hard to draw any other characteristics for them. However, in the wake of the Bloom I could imagine the survivors and their descendants going two ways:  A renewal of their commitment to Nature, Spirit, or even to just being generally helpful to those in need, or a sort of rejection of it all in the face of their near-annihilation. Descendants from the survivors of the Bloom could also possibly have physical imperfections or markings as side-effects from the plague.

Tsol’aa held reverence for the fallen Lady Lleis, whose tenets included an emphasis on the seasons. It’s therefore very possible for modern Tsol’aa to still put stock in the importance of the seasonal cycle - one or two books you can find in-game on Tsol’aa culture (though likely largely just fan canon) mention this as well, with different activities or rituals performed around the changing of seasons. For example, hunts during the summer.

Due to the near-complete destruction of their homeland (the Aalen) and the deaths of so many of their people, many Tsol’aa likely grow up without a strong connection to the culture of their forebears. Some might seek to rediscover lost ties to or rites of their ancestors, others might reject it, and still more might simply not care.

Mooncakes are a traditional food of the Tsol’aa.

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