The Kelki of Aetolia

The Kelki - sleek, smooth-skinned, fishlike creatures - are the favored race of the amorphous sea God Slyphe, and were once the most populous race in the east of Sapience.

Various circumstances, most notably Ankyrean experimentation, sharply diminished their numbers and forced them back into the Beryl Sea. Since the destruction of Kelsys by the rise of the Kerrithrim, the Kelki have been scattered across the eastern coast and more sparsely elsewhere, with their most populous settlement being Mournhold.

Their scales vary through shades of grays and blues, and despite rumors to the contrary, they birth live offspring.

Aetolia Kelki Updated

Kelki Racial Skills

  • Swimming
  • Underwater Breath (Level 25)
  • Water Regeneration (Level 50)
  • Fast Swimmer (Level 75)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 16
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Constitution: 10

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Tips for Roleplaying a Kelki

Possibilities for physical appearance as far as Kelki go are incredibly numerous. Look to any water-dwelling creatures for inspiration here, and feel free to include in your description any elements of these creatures you particularly enjoy.

Your character’s unique physical traits allow for some interesting ways to process scenarios and add to the ambiance. If your character has any aquatic physical features (tendrils, gills, etc.) how might these features react to different stimuli? How might your character accept a flagon from somebody with webbed fingers? Reference these features in otherwise-mundane interactions to really drive home what makes your character different in a scene.

If you choose to make your Kelki have hair instead of more oceanic features like tentacles atop their head, it is known that Kelki grow lightly colored hair in their infancy, ranging from white and bright blonde to light teals. As they age, the color of their hair starts to darken until it is entirely black.

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