The Djeirani of Aetolia

The Djeirani are an old race, their history dating as far back as the Second Mortal Epoch, if not further. Owing their existence and intelligence to the spider demon Llazuth, they are a mysterious and darkly beautiful race, accustomed to living deep beneath the earth.

It is thought that the Djeirani were adapted from arachnids, their race combining the best of humans and spiders. They are notably tolerant to toxins, sensitive to vibration, and see amazingly well in the dark.

Physical coloration is of utmost importance to Djeirani culture, with these characteristics chiefly determining social caste; the common belief is that the "ideal Djeirani" bears pure, black skin, and smoldering amethyst eyes. The closer to the ideal, the higher the caste. Thus, Djeirani peasants are almost always green-eyed, with reddish/pinkish skin, and can almost be confused for humans. By contrast, nobility have the violet eyes and dark lilac skin of their ancestors. Other eye colors exist (blue is considered neither high nor low, for instance), but these are often minor mutations.

Caste differences extend beyond color as well, with higher castes distinguishing themselves with facepaint, tattoos, and what amounts to an arms race of increasingly exotic jewelry. These nobles will wear long hair and keep their faces clean-shaven, whereas lower caste Djeirani are more content to go with a human look, allowing for beards or body fat. Most Djeirani have white hair, with colors such as red or brown being rare and exotic, and all see their hair blackening with age.

The Djeirani are renowned for the fusion of beauty and death in their culture. Djeirani swordfighting is celebrated for its distracting flourishes and dancelike moves, and the weapons used are almost always ornamental, blades studded with jewels and knives made of precious metals.

In modern times, the Djeirani chiefly occupy the city of Djeir and the territory of the Black Lake, a large subterranean region beneath Azdun. Though Djeirani are free to wander and live where they please, their poor acclimation to light and dry surface air often keeps them homebound.

Aetolia Race Djeirani

Djeirani Racial Skills

  • Nightsight
  • Antivenin (Level 25)
  • Mana Regeneration (Level 50)
  • Subversion (Level 75)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Constitution: 13