The Nazetu of Aetolia

Originating from the Nazedha Isle in the western seas, the Nazetu are slimy-skinned creatures, viscous and foul-smelling, with broad, tall builds and dark, densely-coiled hair.

They were created by the dark power of Chakrasul as agents of corruption and decay, and arrived upon Sapience in the year 111 MA in a failed attempt to invade Ashtan. Since then, the Nazetu diaspora upon the continent has grown apart from its Nazedha source, defined almost solely by a culture and religious practice that centers around Chakrasul. Most Nazetu live upon the eastern coast, and the largest concentration of them live in Bloodloch, for the most part assimilated.

A typical Nazetu's diet consists largely of the bounty of the sea - shellfish, fish, seaweed, crabs, and whatever else lingers around the coastline are more likely than not to end up in the stew pot. This food is often highlighted with whatever spices are on hand, the more powerful the better. Nazetu bread tends toward cram and hardtack, a holdover from their naval heritage. Those Nazetu that have migrated more inland have altered their diets correspondingly, but most have a keen affinity for red meat.

The month of Chakros is sacred to Nazetu, who consider it a sort of extended holiday wherein revelry, indulgence, wanton destruction, and corruption are the best means of worshiping their Mother and creator.

Nazetu Race - Flip

Nazetu Racial Skills

  • Trawling
  • Enduring (Level 31)
  • Slime Spit (Level 61)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Constitution: 12
  • Wisdom: 11

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Tips for Roleplaying a Nazetu

Like many races, Nazetu are defined by their unique physical characteristics. All Nazetu secrete a layer of slime, which serves to keep their skin moist and help them swim more swiftly. This oily, inescapable coating smells absolutely ghastly, and although more mature Nazetu are able to shed their slime for a little while, the ooze always, inescapably, returns. Consider what your Nazetu might smell like (sweaty, rotten, fermented, acidic, fishy - anything you'd like!) as well as how they might feel about this unique racial affliction.

Similarly, many Nazetu have skin blemishes, ranging from the mild to the severe. Warts, lesions, blisters, and boils are not uncommon. Some Nazetu exhibit other physical malformations, such as extra fingers or toes.

There is a difference between mainland Nazetu and Nazedha Nazetu (or Arqeshi!). All Nazetu on the mainland can trace their lineage back to Nazedha raiders, but when and where their ancestors first arrived is a part of your character's history that you can decide! Maybe your Nazetu is the first Nazedha in their family to reach the continent, and has chosen to stay on the mainland for their own reasons. Maybe your Nazetu's ancestors were some of the early Nazedha raiders from the failed invasion of Ashtan. If your Nazetu has assimilated into another city or culture, or if they relate more to the culture of mainland Nazetu, they may not consider themselves Nazedha at all. In contrast, they could be closely tied to their heritage, and Nazedha culture could be very important to them.

Most Nazetu settlements on the mainland are fairly impoverished. Nazetu have a tendency to occupy the ruins of cities, castles, and fortresses built by others. The only Nazetu settlement on the continent that can be said to have been 'built' by the Nazetu is Ollin, which is less of a village and more of an outpost and military camp turned permanent residence. Huanazedha is situated near Ollin, and is built on top of the ruins of the fallen city-state, Ashtan. A rickety village constructed of makeshift huts and boats tethered to docks, Huanazedha is a half-drowned hamlet of vice that deals mostly in slaves, meat, booze, drugs and brothels. 

Nazetu - specifically the Nazedha - are people of the islands and sea, tending towards occupying roles such as pirates, raiders, and merchants of varying ill-repute. Seafaring runs in their blood, alongside a militaristic bent and a propensity for vices.

Nazetu are not well-loved. Nazedha invasions of the mainland are responsible for a considerable amount of warfare and destruction, most notably their role in the brief awakening of Lanu Du and the destruction of Enorian during the first War of Night. Due to the influence of Corruption that they are born with, it can be assumed that a Nazetu would not be welcomed in Enorian or Duiran - at least, not without being pressured to shed their ties to Corruption and become Arqeshi. It is rare to see a Nazetu individual residing outside of a Nazetu settlement, with the exception of those found in Bloodloch.

Although they are a militaristic people, given to invasions of foreign lands and clan disputes, the highest ranking members of Nazedha society are not generals, but religious figures. Sages play an important role in Nazetu culture. They serve as leaders, both religious and civic, as the two are often tied together in Nazedha society. Sages foster the connection between the Nazetu and Chakrasul, as well as Lanu Du for those Nazedha individuals who practice the dual faith of the islands.

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