The Minotaurs of Aetolia

The Minotaurs are a race of humanoid bovines, many of which are fiercely loyal towards Severn, the Manipulator.

Originally, the Minotaurs, one among the thousands of species created by Haern, were dull, weak beasts that stood upon the brink of extinction. Seeing their plight, Severn took pity upon the Minotaurs' condition, and granted them the gift of cunning in exchange for their loyalty to Him.

The majority of the Minotaur population resides in the village of Sterion, nestled deep within the Tarean mountain range near Mount Gallows. The physical link between the Shadow Plane and the Prime is ensconced within the village, rendering it a key point of contention during the various Shadow invasions. Minotaurs can be found elsewhere in small pockets, notably within the territories of Duiran as many often find themselves with an affinity to the wilds due to their ancient heritage.

Following the prophecy of a calamity gleaned from the seers of the shaman-caste, the elders of Sterion have sent their young out into the world to search for signs of the coming disaster.

Minotaur Racial Skills

  • Irongrip
  • Intimidation (Level 31)
  • Headbash (Level 61)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Constitution: 12
  • Wisdom: 11

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Physical traits:

Eyes: black and browns, rarely lighter colours such as blues, greens or yellows
Pelts: black and brown are most common, greying as age takes them
Size: 6 - 7 feet / 1.7 - 2.1 meters
Sexual dimorphism: Males have manes that start at the top of head and extend to the shoulders. Females tend to have smaller horns.
Legs/Feet: Digitigrade with hooves.

Minotaurs are covered in tough, mangy fur that protects them from the elements. Bipedal, their most notable features are their large horns and large snout-like noses. Minotaurs naturally have thick, developed muscles. It is important to note that in Aetolia, Minotaurs are full bovine from head to toe. They do not have udders and possess standard humanoid breasts and mammary glands.

Cultural notes:

Historically a race destined to fail, Lord Severn took an interest in the Minotaurs and blessed them with the spark of intelligence. In return most Minotaurs of Sterion worship Him exclusively and are far more attuned to Shadow than any other race, letting them settle within the Tarean mountain range near Mount Gallows where the Shadow Plane is at its most potent. The elders among them have taken up smoking a repulsive concoction to help them glean the future, while the younger amongst them are driven by conflict and proving themselves in combat.

Minotaurs tend to be brash, stubborn and quick to fight. Despite this, they possess a sharp cunning that is often underestimated. They are highly pragmatic, more so than most other races. It is not uncommon for some to have a deep affinity to nature, the traces of their ancient heritage before Severn.

While most Minotaurs find their calling within their village to carry out their sacred duty, some can still be found elsewhere with other allegiances. These Minotaurs are looked down upon by those of Sterion, considered to either be cowards unsuited to the traditional duties of their race, or gone feral for those that are in touch with their Haernite heritage.


Sterion Village

The ancestral home of the Minotaurs ever since they were taken as wards by Severn. The Minotaurs of Sterion are charged with a sacred duty of guarding the physical link between the Shadow Plane and Prime that resides somewhere within the confines of their settlement. Though most Minotaurs tend to be brutish and pragmatic by nature, the ones of Sterion exemplify these traits. Most manual labour in the village is provided for by slaves that the Minotaurs have taken from other races.

Their society is built around an age-dependant caste system, with the youngest being a part of the warriors caste while older, maimed or otherwise unsuited Minotaurs will join the shaman caste. And the eldest belong to the caste of wise that govern the village. As many Sterion Minotaurs often die young in service to the harsh duties given to them by Severn, age is revered. Some other minor castes exist, such as priests, but these are instead exclusive and selective, possessing few members.

The Shadow Keep

After the War of Night and the fight against the Leviathan, Sterion had lost near all of their warriors. The elders, gleaning a terrible future in the years ahead, sent their youngest to the Carnifex to be trained and become the next great warriors of Sterion. Trained with their potent rage and strength and equipped with greatbows, the new Minotaur warriors can be found proudly marching the Shadow Keep in a grand display of Savagery.

Tips for Roleplaying a Minotaur

The majority of the Minotaur population comes from Sterion, which was a major focus of the Second War of Night. If you're playing a Minotaur that's not from here, you can lean on this nebulous background that's typically more shadow-aligned to gauge how your character may respond to certain things.

Minotaurs are a large bipedal race with thick, corded muscles - consider how this may play into your character's daily interactions being so large. Do they have to stoop over to get through doorways? Do they get uncomfortable being crammed in amongst a bunch of people, or do they brute force their way through? The implications of a Minotaur's large size can impact much of their day-to-day!

If your Minotaur character came from the caste system originally, keep in mind how this may impact their ongoing life outside of the caste. The youngest Minotaurs are typically part of the warrior caste, where the older and otherwise unsuited ones are part of the shaman caste - maybe your young Minotaur feels compelled to be a warrior as a result, despite no longer being part of the village. Maybe they rebel against the decision and push against being forced into that role. Motivations can be varied and many!

Minotaur fur greys as it ages; this is a great and subtle way to insinuate or refer to your character's age in your description without outright stating it.

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