The Atavians of Aetolia

Far-flung descendants of the birdlike Atav, the Atavians are Human-like creatures, distinguished from Humans by their possession of powerful, feathery wings that manifest in a wide and striking array of hues, much like their hair, skin, and eyes.

In spite of their mastery of the skies and their slight, delicate builds, the Atavians are disdained upon many parts of the continent owing to stereotypes about their licentious, untrustworthy characters. There is little in the way of unified Atavian culture, as they are far distanced from their Atav ancestors and have often been called upon to surrender their heritage in favor of winning acceptance and approval.


Atavian Racial Skills

  • Flight
  • Hover (Level 25)
  • Air Stability (Level 50)
  • Blood Regeneration (Level 75)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Constitution: 12

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Tips for Roleplaying an Atavian

Atavians physically require some pretty large wings to sustain flight; try keeping this in mind when roleplaying scenes. How would your wings fit in this cramped space? Do you need to awkwardly shuffle in, or walk sideways to make it through?

Wings can make for an easy prop in roleplay scenes. Does your character have a tendency to stretch them when they’re nervous? Do they pull them closer subconsciously when they’re expressing a certain emotion? Do they bump into people sometimes? 

Atavians can have pretty interesting origins, there's a couple atavian-specific villages that have their own unique cultures, and how those mesh with your character choices can be really neat. Like an undead Zurai wouldn't likely be welcomed there, nor would pretty much anything that deviates from their fairly isolated cultural practices. Could add a lot of fun to character back stories.

It can be fun roleplaying an Atavian as a creature used to traveling predominantly with their wings, so they're very graceful whilst flying but a complete klutz on ground. Before playing, it can be helpful to watch videos on birds and just observe their flight/movements so that you can imbue that into a personality that has some distinct, slightly avian quirks.

A fun tip - look to nature for ideas on wing patterns and colors! Who says you need to stick to whites, golds, earth tones? An Atavian based off a lilac-breasted warbler, for example, would have wings in the most lovely pastels.

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