The Humans of Aetolia

Humans, originally hailing from the southwest, propagated quickly throughout the continent - though short-lived by comparison to many other races, they distinguished themselves through undertaking more risky work - many traders, criminals, and mercenaries were and are Human.

Favored by the Ankyreans during the height of the Order's power, Humans saw their power and population burgeon rapidly, to the point that they are now the most numerous and influential race upon the continent even centuries after the Order's demise.

Humans range widely in appearance, with light-skinned members tending toward Spinesreach and the north at large, while dark-skinned Humans live primarily in the southern reaches of the continent in places such as the Mhojave, the Liruma, and Enorian.


Human Racial Skills

  • Improve Meditation
  • Improved Sleep (Level 25)
  • Selfishness (Level 50)
  • Blood Reserves (Level 75)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 13
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Constitution: 13

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Tips for Roleplaying a Human

You don’t have to be boring. Be unique. Be bald. Be rail thin. Be girthy. Be massively muscular. Have something unique about you, despite Human being the ‘middle of the ground’ race in nearly every setting.

While Humans in the scope of a dark fantasy setting may not necessarily have much by means of their race to lean on insofar as roleplay is considered, this can be made up for with other quirks! Does your character have a particular tick they may be likely to do? Do they have any particularly unique scars or tattoos worth mentioning? You may not have some of the roleplay props other races have by going the Human route, but that doesn't mean that you can't play an interesting character!

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