The Mhun of Aetolia

The Mhun are the long-suffering survivors of countless conflicts and regimes in the southwest of Aetolia. Shorter than Humans though taller than Dwarves, they are dark of skin, eye, and hair. They are noted, in terms of manner, to be adaptable, frugal, and endowed with a certain cunning. They are originally from the Mhojave desert, and fell under Bloodloch's sphere of influence until their exodus from the region. Their homeland currently lies within the Siroccian mountains.

Mhun raised in Moghedu have born witness to tumultuous history. Prior to the year 422 MA, Moghedu was not an independent state. Following its liberation, a strict theocracy took control, enforcing traditional conformity via invasive, telepathic conditioning. After the death of the High Priestess in 456 MA, a monarchy was formed and the Priests were made less powerful. Mhun raised outside of Moghedu are a more diverse quantity, running the gamut from strictly traditional to fully assimilated.

Religion forms a central core to Mhun existence - their traditions focused upon seven Spirits, but recent discoveries revealed those Spirits to be Gods of Albedi origin. This has prompted a renaissance of Mhun religious tradition, drawing upon Albedi practices and long-forgotten traditional ones. Many Mhun adhere to some form of traditional faith, while many others worship the Gods of Sapience.


Mhun Racial Skills

  • Dig
  • Underground Regeneration (Level 25)
  • Blood Regeneration (Level 50)
  • Rock Crush (Level 75)

Base Statistics & Advantages

  • Strength: 13
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Constitution: 13