19.17 Aetolia's Website

Official Aetolian website: http://www.aetolia.com

The Aetolian website serves as both a place for information for new players and a place to keep up to date on current events in the world. It is strongly recommended you spend some time looking through the various pages on the site, in order to become familiarized with what is going on.                                                               

You will find on the website descriptions of the various classes in Aetolia, descriptions of the major cities, and explanations of the Deities you may encounter. In addition, you will find a number of useful tools, including maps of the continent, and the results of the Bardic and Artisanal Contests held every month.                                

As the site becomes more full and enriched, you will find histories of the lands, details of some of the more notable characters to be found, and the mythologies that are unique to Aetolia.