23.1.1 Credit Transfers

To transfer credits to another person:


To give someone credits for free, specify 'FOR 0 GOLD.' If you specify a
positive number of gold though, the person will have to be online, and  
will be asked to confirm that this transfer is OK with him.             

Note that this is the TOTAL amount of gold, not the 'per-credit' amount 
of gold. So TRANSFER 100 CREDITS TO <player> FOR 9000 GOLD means you    
just sold each credit at 90 gold each. Probably not what you wanted!    

Violations of HELP SECONDS
Almost any aid or information that flows between two of your characters 
is a violation of HELP SECONDS. You may have multiple characters. Just  
don't have them help each other in any way.                             

The rule for credit transfers
If you gain/acquire the credits in an In Character manner, then you     
cannot transfer them between your seconds. If you gain credits in an Out
of Character manner, then you may transfer them freely.                 

IC ways to gain credits (can't transfer freely amongst seconds)
- Spend gold to purchase credits via the credit market.
- As a mentor.
- For various forms of leadership.

OOC ways to gain credits (which can then be transferred freely)
- Buy them for money on the Aetolia website, or via the mail.
- Win a Bardic/Artisanal contest.
- As a Guide.