Credit Milestones

You can now earn credits every day within Aetolia using the milestone system!

Using the new credit milestones, you can earn up to twenty platinum keystones each day which can be exchanged in the milestone shop for a single bound credit each. You can earn keys by completing a list of tasks outlined under MILESTONES CREDITS, and then claiming them. But, WARNING: you can only lay claim to TEN credit milestone rewards each day! That means if you only complete and claim the milestones that reward 1 key each, you won't be able to reach the daily maximum of 20 platinum keystones received.

Each credit milestone rewards between 1 to 4 platinum keys, a handful of milestones each RL day will be marked as a bonus which will reward double their normal keys. At Howling each day, any of your unclaimed or completed credit milestones will reset back to 0, and the bonus milestones will shuffle.

If you have unclaimed milestones when Howling comes around, the system will automatically claim them for you; starting with the highest key rewards first. No fear of missing out because you forgot to claim manually before logging out!

New syntaxes overview:
You can also use CM or MC for shorthand to check this. Lists all credit milestones available and your progress towards them. You can additionally append a filter to the command (e.g. MC BONUS) to narrow the list down. Current filters are:
  - BONUS, only show today's bonus.
  - UNCLAIMED, only show completed but unclaimed milestones.
  - DONE, only show completed and claimed milestones.
When you have completed a credit milestone, claim it and receive the platinum keystones for it. 
Warnings: - You can only claim ten credit milestones per day.
          - You can only receive twenty platinum keystones per day.

Slay NPC Assists:
The various "Slay <specific NPC>" credit milestones are awarded to people who participated in killing the specified NPC if they meet ALL of these conditions:                                                
 - They were in the room with the NPC when it died.
 - They weren't dead themselves.
 - They dealt at least 10% of the NPC's max health in damage to it.

Note that if you haven't attacked the NPC in the last 180 seconds, your participation against them is wiped. If you hit them again after that, your damage against them starts from 0.