Earthcaller: Mirror Luminary Arrives!

After passing the trials of the Earthen and helping to restore the imbalance of Earth on the Prime Material, the Earthcaller class is now available within the Teradrim Guild!

With the skills of Apocalyptia, Subjugation, and Tectonics, this class expertly combines priestly invocations with raw, ruthless strength.

The solemn duty of the Earthcaller makes it a perfect fit for the Teradrim, as both classes are charged with maintaining the Pillars of the Earth.

Earthcaller is a mirror of the Luminary class, and the skills translate as follows:

Apocalyptia – Devotion
Subjugation – Spirituality
Tectonics – Illumination

HELP EARTHCALLER RP awaits those with an interest in learning about the background, and help files for each of the three skills exist for your perusal. The skills also have learning messages which may be of interest!

While some abilities are directly shared, most should be unrecognisable. We’ve made a concerted effort to steep this class in its own lore, theme, and flavour in order to make it a compelling and distinct experience from its native profession.

Any guilded Teradrim is able to CLASS SELECT EARTHCALLER if they meet the requirements for multiclass, and Earthcaller will soon be available in new character creation. For the next two weeks, guilded Teradrim will have no limit on total apprentices per season.

Artifacts for Earthcaller will be available in the next few minutes for your enjoyment:

– a cracked amphora (hunt_earthcaller1-3); for hunting
– a tablet of the Earthen (fervour_boon); mirror of devotion_boon
– an Amulet of Khuzrol (fervour_regen); mirror of devotion_regen
– a fragmented hunk of ink-spattered rock (anointrunes); mirror of shieldstamp
– an anchor of the dunes (impurity_banish); mirror of spark_meditate
– earthen_purity (no item); mirror of spark_boon

While we have done a significant amount of testing on every ability, if there are bugs or typos, or if anything appears to be behaving strangely, please report it right away through BUG or TYPO respectively.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Razmael and Keroc, as well as our amazing volunteers for their incredible help in getting this class out. The last few weeks have been utterly insane, and I hope you all enjoy!

The release event for mirror Indorani is already underway and will be finishing up tomorrow or Sunday. Look out for the post!