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Spider Roundup

After so many weeks covered by spiders, let’s collect what’s new in Aetolia in one post. Here’s hoping for less arachnids.

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The Leviathan

The story of the Leviathan took place over several weeks within Aetolia. It is the story of Jox. The Leviathan: Part One Upon the 24th of Severin, 476 MA, there came a sudden burst of energy in the Western Tundra, and as it lingered the far northern skies were lit with a colourful display. Adventurers…

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2018 – In Review

2018 has been an exciting year for Aetolia! Come join us on the forums and discuss what’s been happening, with teasers for what’s coming! Jump in on the discussion here: Wins and Achievements in 2018 PvE Rebalance and Hunting – Every class has had its NPC damage audited and brought in line. No longer…

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Seals Shattered: 1-7

Lead – Shieldbark – Forged – Quartz – Anaxagorite – Skysilver All shattered, leaving the Leviathan, Jox, trapped beneath the barrow in the Western Tundra near escape.

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