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2018 – In Review

2018 has been an exciting year for Aetolia! Come join us on the forums and discuss what’s been happening, with teasers for what’s coming!

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Seals Shattered: 1-7

Lead – Shieldbark – Forged – Quartz – Anaxagorite – Skysilver All shattered, leaving the Leviathan, Jox, trapped beneath the barrow in the Western Tundra near escape.

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A Mission of War

The Mitrine, Impire, and Ophidians are locked in a three-way war. With three sides to this battle, what’s a player to do? Utilize our entirely new “mission system” and get to being useful, that’s what!

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Long Live the Emperor

The Liruma Scrublands were full of activity these last few days! One of the oldest areas in Aetolia seems to have some upheaval in store…

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Tournament of Luck Winner!

The Tournament of Luck was recently held in Aetolia! A contest made to find the luckiest individual in Aetolia, this event pitted players against each other in a knockout style tournament, where games of luck would determine who advances!

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Kald, perfumery and more!

The village of Kald (HELP KALD) has been released! This once-secluded village is host to a bunch of exciting new content for crafters including new wood types, a whittling pseudo-craft skill, and most exciting of all: the Perfumery talent! Perfumery can be learned from the village elder Esme at room v63818 for a cost of…

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