The Midnight Serpent

Following the reappearance of the Haekathi in Masilia, a new instance has opened up for your enjoyment: The Midnight Serpent. The entrance can currently be found on the Scidve docks, but will be changing as the event continues to unfold!

This instance has a bit of a twist to it, insofar as only one group of up to five people can attempt it at any one time. This is primarily for story/RP reasons: once it’s successfully completed, the Midnight Serpent will depart into the deep ocean and be unavailable again for a while until it moors, after which it will become accessible again at a (potentially) different location.

There is a fame line on offer for defeating the boss, as well as medallions of commendation.

Tthe medallions from the Xaseira instance can now be redeemed in the newly opened shop just off the Scidve dock (v71508)!

You will need to have the fame line for defeating Xaseira in order to buy from this shop, but all the items can also be purchased with gold if you do not have enough medals. It’s not possible to mix currencies when purchasing, but medals can be traded. There is a helpful sign in the shop explaining what the items are and do!

As the event continues to progress, and her mission becomes more desperate, we have also increased Xaseira’s spawn frequency: she will now re-dock approximately two hours after being defeated. This will likely increase further as things unfold more.


Good luck!