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New Feature

You Should See Farming, Right Now.

Aetolia is proud to announce the first skill of our Agriculture skill group, Farming. The Agriculture skill group is all about craft goods and commodity generation. You are now in charge of the economy, my friends. Farming is the production of fruits, vegetables, produce and raw materials. What makes farming EXTRA special is that these…

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We’ve formally introduced a system for letting guilds spread their influence to allied cities!

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Hunting for Upgrades

Hunting has long been its own activity, using one or two class skills and disconnected information across helpfiles. No longer! Here comes the new skillset, HUNTING.

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A Mission of War

The Mitrine, Impire, and Ophidians are locked in a three-way war. With three sides to this battle, what’s a player to do? Utilize our entirely new “mission system” and get to being useful, that’s what!

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Player vs Environment, Tiny Pets vs Tiny Environments

Major changes to PvE are rolling out, including the first ones to address balance… and more importantly, GOLD. Not to mention, tiny little worlds contained in terrariums now allow you to send minipets in to challenge them for both fun and profit!

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