Bards Come to Aetolia!

After the tumultuous Revelations brought about during the epic Shattered Souls event that concluded in March, Sapience enjoyed a relative period of quiet, with no resurrected Gods or world-ending threats rising to the fore. Yet while most thought the Elders dead and gone, a cult to Nalibhtavi, the Replete, revealed themselves, bombarding adventurers with propaganda on the Full One, raising shrines in public areas, and even holding sermons that promised the return of the widely-loathed divinity.

Haratos, master of Djeir’s Theater of Shadows, still mourned the massacre carried out by the Hedonist Goddess, eradicating all but one of the Undercity’s ancient Bard guild. Styling himself now as the Last Bard, the Djeirani ventured alone into the heart of Oblivion’s Portent and learned for himself the notes of Oblivion’s Song. Single-handedly wiping out the remnant cult before they could do aught but rouse a rabble, Haratos brought down the Forgotten Warrens, leaving them in ruins.

In the wake of his triumph, the dramaturge vowed to recreate the ancient Djeirani tradition by taking on outsiders as his apprentices…

The Bard class is now available!

Bard is a neutral-tether class originating from Djeir. Its archetype is a mix of performer and assassin, with a broad diversity of combat, utility, and roleplay abilities across its three skills that are sure to have a wide appeal.

The class can be learned by visiting Haratos in the Theater of Shadows at v73205 and simply typing LEARN BARD FROM HARATOS. Like Wayfarer, this comes at a one-off cost of 40 credits.

The three skills of the Bard are WeavingPerformance, and Songcalling. The class uses SCALE armour and FALCHIONS are their weapon of choice!

Bards are a little different from most classes insofar as they don’t centre wholly around any one choice of main stat. They’re a jack of all trades class that can benefit in different ways from a variety of stat and balance/equilibrium focus combinations, though they predominantly favour dexterity and intelligence. There is a lot of room to experiment!

In addition to this, there is now a new “Theater of Shadows” faction, of which Haratos is in charge. This faction has a variety of quests and rewards for advancement, including a PvP weekly quest themed around the Bardic practice of Da’ath Nievva!