100.20.3 Performance

Performance is the physical-oriented skill of the Bard professional, an art through which one's own body becomes a conduit for dramatic effect and elaborate histrionics. Seamlessly blending guile and deceit with dexterous swordplay, expert performers are as much charming rogue as they are talented actor.

Equally comfortable talking or brawling their way out of trouble, the Bard's agility and charisma both on and off the battlefield are unmatched. Too does the skill invite spectacle - ever is the Bard's work accompanied by a riveting flourish or dramatic fanfare, for there is no greater prize than a captive audience and their applause.

But after causing a spectacle, and invoking attro ca pa'sa, a Bard is often in need of a quick escape. Whether it be deflecting attackers onto someone else, or stealing a mount, there exist options both flashy and subtle. An expert performer can even blend seamlessly into an urban crowd, becoming indistinguishable from a common citizen at a cursory glance.