The Sons of Terry!

The tarantula menace has returned to Aetolia as the sons of Terry seek vengeance!

Gazza, ever happy to lead an expedition to defeat spiders, is once more offering a quest to venture into Terry’s burrow and slay the fearsome Terrysons.

When you undertake this quest, remember that you need to append someone’s name to the end of ENTER BURROW in order to join their dungeon. i.e. ENTER BURROW ICTINUS to join me in the burrow.

We’ve made some cosmetic changes to the dungeon this year, and you will also find spiderlings roaming around inside to be squished, which have a small chance of dropping the spider legs currency. Other than that, the mechanics are the same for those who remember facing Terry directly some years ago, and for those who don’t, this will be a brand new experience!

Some of you will notice a new quest reward in the form of spider’s eyes; these can be used to purchase a selection of brand new wares from Gazza, including a customised web tattoo effect, transmute beetles for your armour (see HELP TRANSMUTE), a spider silk hammock kit, and a minipet!

There is also a new fame line available for defeating the tarantula menace.

Terry’s sons are not infinite in number, however! After sixty have been defeated, the burrow dungeon will no longer be available. Take the opportunity while you can!