Ceramics and Glasswork!

A new trade skill has arrived in Aetolia: Ceramics!

Covering both clay work and glass work, Ceramics offers up 40 starting designs to craft with – many of them having functional interactions! You can check AB CERAMICS to see which designs have interactions, and what precisely those interactions are. Generally, unless otherwise noted, these interactions are usable by anybody so be sure to take a look even if you don’t plan on picking up the skill.

To become a professional ceramicist, you must be trained by Branpola of Hatshero. Go to the pottery shop in Hatshero (v31923) and BUY CERAMICS PERMIT. This carries a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not expire.

Like other trade skills, just the initial permit is enough to get you started on creating the basic designs. Investing lessons up to Expert rank will allow you to create custom designs to submit to the crafters’ guild, while Transcendent allows you to mark up to ten designs as exempt from decay. The higher your skill rank, the longer the decay time on crafted items too.

Ceramics needs certain tools present in order to craft their items:
– Glasswork requires a furance and lehr in the room, and a gaffer’s pipe in your inventory.
– Claywork requires both a potter’s wheel and a kiln in the room.

Branpola has a publically available version of the furnace and lehr, potter’s wheel and kiln that anybody may use. These items can additionally be crafted by someone (they’re expensive!) to be placed somewhere with the Forging skill, Woodcraft skill, and Ceramics skill respectively. A gaffer’s pipe can be obtained from someone with the Jewelcraft skill.

Make sure to refer to HELP CERAMICS for more information!

Ceramics was originally concepted by a Celani back in 2016, and was intended for a release attached to Bonro. Though we missed that, we’re all happy to finally get this out to you! Hope you enjoy it!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 19th of Dharos, in the year 5 AC.