Fragments of Time: Part Three of ???

Under cover of darkness they sailed, driven forward by the grace of a vigorous maritime wind. The vessel banked and crested over the ways as the captain reviewed a brief missive. Orders were clear; they were to dispatch the greatest threat prior to seeking their prize. As Sapience came into view, the course was set, and they soon moored near the docks of Enorian, unseen and unnoticed all the while.

With much of Sapience distracted by a prolonged ylem instability in the Aureliana Forest, opportunity arose. Seven of them disembarked and stalked the harbour in search of weak points. Concealed by crimson veil and armour black, they plied their clandestine craft with great efficiency, darting onto ships to lay explosives in their hulls and lacing the harbour with an array of rigged – and deadly – fusebombs.

Filing quietly back on board their own ship, the stealthy forces prepared for departure as the first of many violent explosions shook the city with massive force. The ensuing chain reaction was monstrous – ships soon caught fire and began sinking, the screams of countless crew and personnel filled the air as they drowned, smoke billowed into the sky. It was only after hauling up their anchor that realisation dawned: one of their number had been left behind. Nevertheless, they cut a quick and dexterous path out of the dock, speeding away from the shore.

The sea itself came alive to bar their egress, the ever-shifting form of Slyphe, the Maelstrom, rising monstrously from the depths in a whoosh of air and spray. Commanding it to stop in a voice bearing all the force of the oceans, the Sea God drew back Their hand, heaving globes of aqueous essence at the fleeing vessel in an attempt to destroy it. As each approached Slyphe’s target, the divine might simply dissipated into harmless mist and steam, leaving it wholly unharmed.

Astonished and naming them Albedi interlopers, the Maelstrom brought forth a wave to rival the Vashnars in size, a terrible tsunami that They sent toward the ship. The waters frothed and churned as it fell upon the vessel at terrifying speed, yet as the sea returned to its calm seremity, nothing of wreckage or craft could be seen.

In the aftermath, the Maelstrom converged upon Enorian, showing no strain as They spoke regret at the invaders’ successful escape. The Warlord then joined the growing crowd, His attention drawn by the Albedi incursion. Fully cognisant of Enorian’s status as the sole naval power of note on the continent, He promised the aid of His Legion and offered His considerable resources to the rebuilding of the docks. Tense collaboration ensued between the Beacon and those of Strife, overseen by Rhulin Glintspear – grudgingly called out of retirement yet again – and Nok, a Kobold tinkerer loyal to Bamathis.

Investigations at the docks uncovered the occasional remnants of undetonated and inert fusebombs – close to the corpse of a veiled operative. In consultation with Braytal Haarfil – steward of Enorian’s pylon – it became clear that the figure was one of the Haekathi – the bastard half-breed offspring of the Dreikathi. Uncertain of the reasoning behind Drakkenmont’s involvement, those gathered set themselves to forming plans and commencing repairs, anxious of the Haekathi’s inevitable return.