Minipet List

Available Minipets
   a pet rock (10 Iron Coins)
   a tiny cockroach (15 Iron Coins)
   a pet rockling (20 Iron Coins)
   a grey squirrel (25 Iron Coins) (mammal)
   a black scorpion (30 Iron Coins)
   a fuzzy kitten (40 Iron Coins) (mammal)
   a small puppy (40 Iron Coins) (mammal)
   a leafy shrubling (45 Iron Coins)
   a small monkey (50 Iron Coins) (mammal)
   a green blob (60 Iron Coins)
   a gargoyle pet (70 Iron Coins)
   a miniature, blackened crab (30 Iron Coins)
   a brightly-colored parrot (40 Iron Coins)
   a half-sized, dark-furred boar (50 Iron Coins) (mammal)
   a miniature pulsating spider (60 Iron Coins)
   a carrion beetle (15 Iron Coins)
   a pebbly black snake (15 Iron Coins)
   a dark, wiry rat (15 Iron Coins)
   an ugly pincher  (15 Iron Coins)
   a reticulated planthopper (15 Iron Coins)
   a white seagull (15 Iron Coins)

   a gleaming clockwork dragonfly (75 ylem shards)
   a clicking clockwork pincher (75 ylem shards)
   a chiming clockwork finch (85 ylem shards)
   a skittering clockwork mouse (50 ylem shards)
   a creeping clockwork spider (75 ylem shards)
   a hissing stalker fledgling (100 tickets)
   a brightly plumed wyrmling (100 tickets)
   a wiry vakmut pup (100 tickets) (mammal)
   a feathered wyrmling (100 tickets)
   a baby bat (5 gems) (mammal)
   a miniature wailing spirit (150 essence)

   an armadilleon pup (special promotion) (mammal)
   a rambunctious Syll (special promotion) (mammal)
   a hydra whelp (special promotion)
   a simurgh hatchling (special promotion)
   a quizzical jackalope (special promotion)
   a writhing amphisbaena (special promotion)
   a rojalli cub (special promotion) (mammal)
   a juvenile basilisk (special promotion)
   a phoenix hatchling (special promotion)
   a winged tengu (special promotion) (mammal)
   a fledgling air beast (special promotion)
   a snow-white ermine (special promotion) (mammal)
   a grumpy baby gorgon (special promotion)
   a skittering centipede (special promotion)
   a baby rhino calf (special promotion) (mammal)
   a tiny stone worm (special promotion)
   a fierce drakir hatchling (special promotion)
   a hungry crocodile hatchling (special promotion)

   a fuzzy black bear cub (Murder Mystery Valentine prize) (mammal)

   a hissing mephit (Drop - Raugol Fissure)

Discontinued Minipets
   a swarm of bees (ex-Druids only) (insect)
   a falcon (ex-Paladins only) (avian)
   a grey wolf (old style Sentinels only) (mammal)

Mystery Pets of Questionable Origin

   an orange and white tiger cub (mammal)
   a young fawn (mammal)