Kald, perfumery and more!

The village of Kald (HELP KALD) has been released!

This once-secluded village is host to a bunch of exciting new content for crafters including new wood types, a whittling pseudo-craft skill, and most exciting of all: the Perfumery talent!

Perfumery can be learned from the village elder Esme at room v63818 for a cost of 90 credits. You should read HELP PERFUMERY and look over AB PERFUMERY for more details of this long-anticipated new talent!

As for the whittling pseudo-craft skill, you can find a whittling station at v63733. Use the WHITTLE command to interact with it when you’re there.

As with most projects, there was a concentrated team effort to get this released. But I want to give a special appreciation shoutout to our resident cookie monster Kyna! Everything listed in this announcement was her brainchild, and she was responsible for bribing us with cookies until it was done.

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