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2018 – In Review

2018 has been an exciting year for Aetolia! Come join us on the forums and discuss what’s been happening, with teasers for what’s coming! Jump in on the discussion here: Wins and Achievements in 2018 PvE Rebalance and Hunting – Every class has had its NPC damage audited and brought in line. No longer…

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Seals Shattered: 1-7

Lead – Shieldbark – Forged – Quartz – Anaxagorite – Skysilver All shattered, leaving the Leviathan, Jox, trapped beneath the barrow in the Western Tundra near escape.

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Hunting for Upgrades

Hunting has long been its own activity, using one or two class skills and disconnected information across helpfiles. No longer! Here comes the new skillset, HUNTING.

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War, War Never Changes

War changes are incoming! It’s taken us some time to get everything working fairly and correctly, but this is a huge system, bear with us.

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