Aetolia gets its own visual programming language? What?

So, you’re heading home through the usual paths in your beloved city. You reach a door, pull out your trusty keyring and stick the key in the door. Thoughts begin to fill your mind: “I’m a friggin Princess, why do I have to open the door?!”

Well, fear no longer your highness! The Ylemnics hobby is here, and opening doors is only scratching at the possibilities!

Ylemnics is a hobby which enables you to create various contraptions by
arranging blocks on something called a thaumizer. The thaumizer uses ylem dust to power the blocks and interact with itself and the environment. Each type of block provides rather fundamental functionality, leaving it to your creativity to come up with exciting and useful contraptions. However, here are just a few examples of the possibilities:

– Automatically open the door to your home when you arrive.
– Unlock your secret treasure chest only when you’re around.
– Dispense drinks to everyone who shows up to your birthday party.
– Create an adding machine so you no longer need a master Numerologist.
– Build a working clock, with no clunky gears and springs.

Blocks come in a wide variety ranging from simple buttons, mathematical
operators and chest-manipulating blocks. There are even blocks to let two
thaumizers communicate together!

However, be forewarned that Ylemnics does have a learning curve. Hence why there is a rather thick manual describing concepts, groups of blocks and individual blocks. Due to how much information there is, it has been placed on the website, rather than the giant helpfile it would be.

You can find this manual here: