Year 490 Celebrations

Who needed Delve? Last time was great, let’s do it again:

Year 490 has caught us! We’ll be running all sorts of games to celebrate, and due to the warm reception of last year’s reward system, we’ll be repeating it! And the events! But don’t worry, we’ll try to sneak in some surprises.

The GMT schedule will be here in the post, but I’ll follow up with EVENTS listings so that everyone can use CONFIG TIMEZONE to see your own times. Remember daylight savings and all that nonsense!

As to the rewards… Every event you show up in gives you a single participation point. Winners get extra points according to this table:

1st: 5 points
2nd: 4 points
3rd: 3 points
4th: 2 points
5th: 1 point

So, if you win 3rd, you get 4 points total. One for participating, three for placing. Each event also has its own credit prizes, which will be in the EVENTS posting.

The exception is the 2v2v2v2 City Champions, where the winning pair gains 6 points total, second place 4, third 2, and last 1. Anyone who is online at the time will be able to CHEER <champion> to gain a participation point.

Here are the thresholds for points:

Total Points                       Credits
------------                       -------
6                                    10
9                                    15
18                                   25
20                                   25
22                                   25
26                                   25
31                                   25
36                                   25
40                                   50

e.g. If you finish the Year 490 Celebration with 23 points, you’ll win 10+15+25+25+25 credits.

—- —- —–
Saturday, September 19th 00:00:00 EGGHUNT
Saturday, September 19th 18:00:00 FARKLE
Sunday, September 20th 00:00:00 THE BRAWL
Sunday, September 20th 19:00:00 SURVIVOR
Monday, September 21st 00:00:00 BLOODBATH
Monday, September 21st 23:00:00 FREEZE-TAG
Wednesday, September 23rd 01:00:00 FREE-FOR-ALL
Friday, September 25th 23:00:00 RESONANCE
Saturday, September 26th 20:00:00 THE DUEL
Sunday, September 27th 00:00:00 IRON EPICUREAN
Sunday, September 27th 19:00:00 STORYTELLING
Sunday, September 27th 22:00:00 2v2v2v2 CC
Monday, September 28th 22:00:00 ALE RUN
Thursday, October 1st 01:00:00 BAITFROG
Saturday, October 3rd 00:00:00 MODDED FFA
Saturday, October 3rd 22:00:00 POKER
Sunday, October 4th 17:00:00 STARFALL
Sunday, October 4th 23:00:00 KEG RACE
Monday, October 5th 22:00:00 WALKER’S TONGUE