Mirror Class Spoilers

We’re getting near to releasing our first two mirror classes! So, here’s some information to keep the enthusiasm going:

We’ll be bringing you two, of course, one for each Tether. The goal isn’t to unbalance the game, after all! I won’t reveal the guilds that are getting them, but here are the classes and skill names, as well as some heavily edited pieces from their class blurbs:


Manifestation, Chirography, and Riving

Before the … and the fall of the Ankyreans, lesser mortals took it upon themselves to imprison and guard …

To this day, eternal warriors and watchers stand upon the precipice of sanity, defending the continent from whatever is bound below. Their necessary duty has been nearly forgotten in the modern day, long obscured by … – but soon, the curtain will fall to reveal their ancient vigil.


Wardenship, Ancestry, and Communion

Long ago, the ancestors of the … enacted a compact with …: Their purpose to forever protect the …, tethered to the plane by their skeletal remains. The Wardens are those … that have dedicated their lives to the safekeeping and maintenance of the … in which the remains of their … are stored by any means necessary. Now, as the last of the Wardens reaches the end of his life, he must past on his sacred knowledge…

Players and admin both have been working hard on making these, with ideas that have been flowing for years. Do keep in mind that these things can change right up until it’s player facing, so the wordings can and will change. You might even see some of your ideas spread out in there, come talk about it in the forums below: