The Grand Duel!

Glory seekers across the realm!

The Grand Duel now has an official date and will roar into action this coming weekend! Test your might, skill, and strategy against the titans of the dueling realm in this double-elimination face off where only one can be crowned the Dueling Champion in the final tournament of the year! And perhaps score yourself a unique artifact…

But that’s not all, this event is packing some serious rewards for those who take the plunge!

1st place prizes:
– A unique artifact geared to the class you win as!
* This will last until the next Grand Duel
– A very ethusiastic fan that lingers in Esterport…
* For as long as you are the Champion
– Special fame for being the Grand Duel champion
– A gold star! Very shiny!
– A grand stocking
– 500 credits

2nd place prizes:
– An occasional free drink at the Shining Trident!
* Lasts until the next Grand Duel
– A silver star! Sparkly!
– A grand stocking
– 300 credits

3rd place prizes:
– A bronze star! Nice!
– A grand stocking
– 200 credits

Additionally, for those of you who may not feel like you can reach the heights of the placement podium, we have a raffle for anyone who is willing to participate in the Grand Duel! All you need to do is join up and try your best!

Three raffle prizes will be drawn:
– Prize one: A wand of portals
– Prize two: A piece of morphic metal (x2)
– Prize three: Artifact vials, pipes, bandages, and/or rags (x5)


Anyone who joins will get a special minipet themed after the Grand Duel! What will it look like? You’ll just have to join and get one to see!

And lastly, I will be opening up a bookie just before the Duel begins and pooling in 100,000 gold. You can bet on who you think the winner will be of the Grand Duel for 5,000 gold and have a chance at taking home a swindle of gold. The command AB GAMING BOOKMAKER has details on this.

The exact date for the Grand Duel can be found in EVENTS INFO 642, per POLL 750. Make sure you use CONFIG TIMEZONE so you can see when it starts in your local time.

See you there!

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 19th of Haernos, in the year 0 AC.