Big cognition updates!

Hi folks!

Thanks to the team at IRE, we’ve got some big updates to the Cognition system to help broaden its usability and enrich your NPCs even more!

What’s New?
NPC Speech Capabilities:
Your sentient NPCs can now talk back! Engage in more dynamic conversations as they respond to you with their unique voices. This only works on NPCs that are considered ‘sentient’.

Knowledge Pages (KPages):
Equip your NPCs with specialised knowledge about the world or specific topics through KPages. This feature deepens their understanding and responses related to the game’s lore and environment. See HELP CONGNITION KPAGES.

House Mobs/Shopkeeper support:
These two NPC types are now supported by the Cognition system. Take advantage of the new speech capability and knowledge pages to really flesh them out! You could, for example, set up your shopkeeper with knowledge on goods your shop sells so they can talk about them dynamically with potential customers.

Player-Specific Conversation History:
NPCs can be set to remember past interactions with specific players, adding a personalised touch to every encounter. NPC’s will also remember if they have been attacked or killed by a player in the past, which will modify their responses.

NPC-to-Player Interactions:
Set your NPCs to interact with other players. You can also allocate a budget for these interactions, giving you control over the amount of chars you will spend on this.

Room-Entry Responses: Make your NPC denizens more lifelike!
Set them to greet or react to players entering a room – perfect for NPC shopkeepers and other interactive NPCs, or even just to have a minipet welcome you home!

Why You’ll Love These Updates:
– Experience richer, more immersive interactions with NPCs who can now converse and remember past dialogues.

– Customize your NPCs with KPages to make them more knowledgeable and integrated into the game’s world.

– Enjoy a more dynamic and interactive game environment with NPCs responding to player movements and actions.

– Personalize your gameplay with NPCs that can engage differently with each player, adding a unique layer to your gaming experience.

Get started with the new features by reading HELP COGNITION.

Furthermore, we’ve set up a public NPC for you to see this in action: go and talk to the local drunk at v53394 in Esterport’s tavern!

We can’t wait for you to dive into these new features and see how they transform your experience in Aetolia. As always, we’re committed to enhancing your adventures while upholding responsible AI practices.

Happy gaming, and here’s to creating even more incredible stories in Aetolia!

– IRE and the Aetolia team.

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 16th of Haernos, in the year 0 AC.