Go Directly to Jail

Jino, the Cabalist roulette attendant at the Spinesreach casino today was arrested on charges of theft after Fezzix Sicarius was denied his winning bet – a considerable sum of 1.75 million. Though Fezzix, Warden of Spinesreach, had initially dismissed this as a simple error by Jino, his attention was brought back to the matter by the alarmed shouts of Frantoinette, one of the Republic’s guards.

She stood outside the roulette parlor, its entrance having been barred from within by Jino. Fran’s yells to Jino to give himself up soon drew the attention of others, including: the Warden; the Head Curator of the Archivists, Agothaxl; and the Archivist Tryss. Fran was there to arrest Jino on charges of theft and cheating, claiming an off-duty guard had informed her that he witnessed Jino using Numerology to cheat Fezzix of his money.

Jino refused to let the group in and protested his innocence. Having no further choice, Fezzix resorted to some rather explosive measures – he set a spidermine upon the barricaded door and detonated it, blowing it open. An alarmed Jino attempted to call upon his Numerology to escape but the attempt failed, and Fran quickly tackled him to the ground. Fezzix further restrained the Cabalist, and the prisoner was escorted to the Ironmaw Prison.

Incarcerated within one of the Ironmaw’s cells, Jino was greeted by his new cellmate: Nogvert, a rather obnoxious Goblin. The Warden followed, and was joined by the Syssin General Robyn, and together the two interrogated Jino within his new home. However, despite their efforts, Jino continued to protest his innocence. The continued goading from Nogvert quickly grew tiring, though Fezzix’s threats did little to quell the other prisoner. At the Goblin’s urgings to remain silent and not to cooperate, Jino soon went quiet.

With nothing further to be gained at this moment, Fezzix and Robyn left the prisoners to Fran’s watch. The matter would have to await proper trial.