Artisanal and Bardic Contest!

As promised, the Artisanal and Bardic contest is making a return for October!

It is my aim going forward to host one of these alongside major events or milestones (yes this means you can expect another one for Year 500!) so that they are semi-frequent again.

Entries should be submitted via e-mail to with a clear subject line. The closing date for submissions is 1st November, so you have the whole month to put something together!

Please include the name of your character when making a submission, and remember that it is limited to one entry per person!

As this is Aetolia’s 20th birthday month, history is on our minds and so the theme for this round is: LEGACY. Let your imaginations go wild!

HELP BARDIC and HELP ARTISANAL contain some useful information, and there will be separate prizes and placings for Artisanal entries and Bardic entries.

1st place: 500 credits, 4 points
2nd place: 350 credits, 2 points
3rd place: 200 credits, 1 point

The points go towards the Artisanal and Bardic Fellowships as outlined in the respective help files.

All submitted works become the sole property of Iron Realms Entertainment, with all copyright assigned to Iron Realms Entertainment. The reason for this is that we wish to be eternally free to display winning works on our website. If you still have a problem with this, consider that the only works that will win are ones that have something to do with Aetolia, and you couldn’t sell those anyway. We don’t mind you also posting the works on your website though.

Good luck!