Changelog: 4th October

– Added WIPE OFF TRAP <direction> for those with the Tracking skillset.

– MINING REPORT now only shows the 10 latest activity entries. The full activity log can be viewed from the office with the new MINING LOG command instead.

– Fixed a bug that prevented RETURN TO HAVEN from working while in any library room.

– Editing a classlead’s ‘problem’ field will now always open the editor. Please format your classleads for readability!

– Added LOGINMSGS, which will re-trigger the messages you get on login.

– The weekly production quest for Mining facilities has received some small tweaks after the captains became unruly and failed to appropriately handle their duties. Please report any bugs you find, but for the most part it should look no different from the outside.

– In case it was missed in the long announce post, Compendium pages now trade in for 6 credits, up from 3. This is not retroactive.

– Dusty bandages (the pieces from the “mummify” relic) now properly trade in for 10 credits as intended.

– Compendium page teleports for the new locations that aren’t accessible by standard means (Ulangi hive, Welto, and Eftehl) should be working properly now.

– There is now a maximum number of 30 iron tickets that can be earned through in game means per day.