War, War Never Changes

War changes are incoming! It’s taken us some time to get everything working fairly and correctly, but this is a huge system, bear with us.

Missions generate troops for your faction, and those troops gain bonuses to their performance based on how connected the room you’re attacking is to already claimed territory. This has lead to a dominant control of each major faction’s area with a choke point over the ruins. As planned, the ruins are the focus of the battle for territory… but balancing this has been difficult, as there’s a fine line between frustrating and contentious. Possible solutions to this are incoming!

The factions themselves are showing more support to the cities who have chosen to back them, and could even be approaching formal ally status. As such, command tents have sprung up representing the cities aiding them, and formal factions (HELP FACTION) are opening soon! Track your personal standing with the team you support, and perhaps some rewards might tie back to it…

The ruins themselves will need a different mechanic for control, as the Spirit sleeping within is unlikely to just sit idle forever. Our solution there will be something entirely new, this isn’t even half over!