War Councils Change Things

Two War Councils have been held, marking what may be a turning point in the direction of the war.

Two War Councils, and not three; the Holy Impire of New Sehal has declared victory and returned most of their troops home. The Second Ophidian Empire claims more land than the Mitrine Tribes, but their supplies wear thinner than their foes. The Mitrine Tribes still keep the gap too close for victory to be declared, so the war surely continues. (Or the Imps won it and the others are being stubborn, depending on your point of view.)

With the Imp troops withdrawn, their intrusion has become more that of a guerrilla force than anything. Troops are now lost daily to their attacks, but far less than if they had been marching lines against the other factions. The Ophidians and the Mitrine both have accepted their city allies into their armies with appropriate rank, and now give rewards and troops reflecting their efforts. Citizens may even now command multiple divisions, should they boast a high enough rank!

The War itself seems to turning now to take back the Ruins and control the Spirit within. While it remains to be seen what form this will take, both forces are asking questions of their allies regarding ylem…