War Victory Conditions

Hi folks,

We now have an endgame to war! The mechanics are relatively simple to begin with, but there has been room left for it to grow if the need arises OR we want to tweak conditions in relation to an event.

In order to win a war, you must:

– Occupy and hold all three BASE territories held by your opponent.


– Occupy and hold the city of your opponent.

In order to occupy territory, you must march Soldiers to the town square in the area and then order them to OCCUPY LAND. This will take roughly one hour and a half in order to complete and there must be no enemy divisions in the area. The division used will become unable to be moved during this action. If you are not at war, then this action will instigate a war if the territory is held by another, so be warned!

Once occupied, your division will be able to freely move once more. However, in order for the territory to count towards your victory, you must maintain a hold over the territory for 8 hours by ensuring that you have a division of any type or number within the area. Your opponent can try and reclaim the area by simply wiping out any divisions stationed within.

The only difference is capturing the city itself, which will take 12 hours instead of 8.

As for the timer itself, it is not simply a matter of holding it for 8 hours straight. If there is no friendly divisions within the area, the timer will count downwards until it reaches zero again. So if you hold it for 2 hours, then your opponent must keep the zone clear for 2 hours to reclaim their territory back. If there are divisions of opposing forces within the area, then the timer will not increase or decrease.

You can use the TERRITORY command to check on your progress on holding the territory, and the SURVEY command to find the town square of a territory.

While there is two victory conditions that can be done in order to win a war, the ending result for your opponent is not the same.

In victory, the opponent is:

– Placed into a surrender state.
* Surrender state has its own conditions, such as the inability to order/conscript troops.
* HELP TREATIES has more information on the surrender state.
– This surrender state lasts for 25 IG weeks, or 25 IRL days.
– All troops are all moved to the barracks.

However, if you capture the city as your victory condition, then the following also happens:

– The opponent’s pylon is damaged and loses access to rank 5 in all trees.
* This will last for the duration of the surrender and will repair itself automatically at the end.
– The Aechrian Coil upgrade is damaged and will need to be rebuilt.

There is no victory spoils for the winning city from this forced surrender. Instead, the negative effects placed on the losing city are there to encourage them to negotiate a surrender with the winning city.

You can also occupy a few neutral villages to increase the recovery of troops in your reserve pool. They work the same as controlling territories above, but neutral zones don’t trigger a war to occupy UNLESS someone else controls them. Owning or losing them does not effect any victory conditions.

The neutral territories that can be occupied are:
– the village of Nuunva
– the village of Saluria
– the village of Bihrkaen
– the village of Craneskull
– the Salma Settlement

REMEMBER, if you wish to hold onto a neutral territory (or really any territory that is not one of your base territories) for the long term, you will need to leave a division of troops within the area. Once there is no more friendly troops within the area, your occupation will start to lose its hold and eventually come to an end.

This more or less explains this iteration of the war system for now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Penned by my hand on Closday, the 21st of Slyphian, in the year 506 MA.
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