The Liruma Crater

Hi folks!

Following the mass destruction caused by Spinesreach’s ylem bomb in the Liruma, the fallout has finally revealed itself in the form of the Liruma Crater!

The Crater is an [0;1;31mOPEN PK[0;37m hunting zone with tuning is comparable to the Memoryscape or Underbelly. Within, you’ll find a slew of irradiated things to kill and one or two curiosities.

HOWEVER, the force of the ylem bomb has rendered the area extremely unstable – as such, you’ll find it difficult to enter in groups, and you’ll find that people within may discover some interesting ways to even the odds if you attempt to team them…

Some more points:

* The Crater entrance can be found at v11765 by touching the pedestal.
* The area itself is off plane.
* Killing denizens in the Crater will restore a small portion of your residual energy.
* Killing players in the area will create “ylem-irradiated” bodies.
* These corpses cannot be resurrected, but can be sublimated in the Wound to produce ylem crystals for your use.
* Spending too long in the Crater will (similar to ylem mines) carry a risk of ylem sickness.
* This risk can be mitigated by spending time outside of the area, or by killing other players in there.
* As a little-known fact: XP loss of all kinds in open PK areas is capped. Typically at high levels this means you will lose significantly less XP on deaths than in non-PK areas.


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 25th of Niuran, in the year 506 MA.
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