Big Weekend!

Hello folks,

This is just a quick reminder and a little bit of a promotion for the up coming events!

THE GRAND DUEL (See EVENT INFO 444 for exact time):

This weekend, the Duel will be back with its final spin for the year. With its own unique fame line from other Duels, this special event is sure to crown the winner as Champion for the year and special artifact to go with it!

In particular, the prizes this time around are quite different and juicy! It is something you should not want to miss out on!

– First place: 500 credits, a unique fame line, and a special artifact for the class they win with!
* The artifact will persist until the next Grand Duel!
– Second place: 300 credits!
– Third place: 200 credits!

Additionally, and most importantly something I’d like to make some noise about, but even if you don’t feel that you’re capable of succeeding and reaching the top of the ladder, there will be TWO random contestant prizes! All you need to do is enter the Duel for a chance at one of these! And they’re better then they normally are to boot…

– Random contestant prize x2: One piece of salvage with your mark OR a grand stocking – your choice.

CELESMAS SURVIVOR (See EVENT INFO 445 for exact time):

Also this weekend, Celesmas Survivor is a themed survivor event with unique monsters ready to battle it out and claim victory over your battered body – or will they? With the ability to either team up with friends, fight it out alone, or risk it all by luring monsters into others, it’s a fun little event to get involved in.

There is also a fun unique artifact that will be handed out to first place, yours to keep eternally!

– First place: 300 credits, and a frost-wreathed trident with the power ‘snowtrident’!
* This power lets you SQUEEZE the trident to make snowballs no matter the weather!
– Second place: 200 credits!
– Third place: 100 credits!

Hope to see you there!

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 22nd of Niuran, in the year 506 MA.
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