Flintbeard’s Return & Ironbeard’s Capture!

Hi folks!

As you’ve likely just heard, Ironbeard had begun his rounds for this year’s Celesmas celebrations, but the dastardly Flintbeard has taken him prisoner again, and the Flintbeard’s Lair dungeon is open again until the end of the year! This is a three-player instance with special bosses you will need to defeat in order to rescue Ironbeard and defeat Flintbeard.

You will find the entrance located at v18093 and you can ENTER LAIR from there. Remember, you’ll want to ENTER LAIR to join the instance of leader, ENTER LAIR by itself will generate a new instance under your name and you won’t be able to join your friends if they already made one too.

Defeating Flintbeard comes with a fame line, and as gratitude for rescuing him, Ironbeard will give all three of you a giftbag. You can only receive the giftbag once per Howling, and this shows up on COOLDOWNS.

In the meantime, Ironbeard’s apprentice has taken up the task of delivering giftbags!

Holly trees and mistletoe bushes will spawn randomly across the land, their locations changing every so often. You’ll need to SNAP (tree) to get a branch of holly, and PULL (bush) to obtain a sprig of mistletoe. Once you’ve obtained one of each, head down to your favourite pub or tavern so you can DECK THE HALLS and HANG MISTLETOE to decorate it in a bit
of Celesmas cheer. Once done, the tavern owner will give you a platter of sausages and beer.

Throughout the day, Ironbeard’s apprentice will pick out people who have platters to visit. The more platters you have, the higher the chance of him visiting you is! When he chooses you to visit, he’ll hand over one of his coveted giftbags and gobbble up ALL the platters you have (he’s a hungry fellow).

NOTE: The platter quest can only be done once per real day!

In addition to that, the Tsinkin outcast village has re-appeared in the Southern Tundra, with a host of rewards that are only available during the festive season!

There have been some strange noises coming out of Flintbeard’s lair this year. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open over the coming days…

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 24th of Slyphian, in the year 506 MA.
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